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The Valley Of The Sun


The lure of the Valley of the Sun is tied directly to the spirit of the Old Southwest, and draws people from around the world. We come for many reasons and enjoy many passions, but it’s the rich history and culture that is at the heart of our attraction to the Sonoran Desert and the Valley of the Sun.


We are inspired by John Ford and his rich depiction of the stark desert landscape; Frank Lloyd Wright brought us world fame with his renowned architectural style, but also a deep respect for the sensitive desert environment. Louis L’Amour gave us a frame of reference for the early pioneers with his colorful stories. Today, this beautiful area that can be wildly rugged one minute—or on one city block–yet surprisingly sophisticated the next.

Ask 100 people why they live or visit the Valley of the Sun, and you’ll get 100 different answers. And that’s the beauty of this area, as well…the diversity of its land, its people and its culture.

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