3 Ways to Stay Pool Safe

Outdoors Beth Kohoutek May 15, 2024

3 Ways to Stay Pool Safe - During Swim Season

Summer is here, and the excitement of pool season is in the air! As you gear up for fun under the sun, it's essential to prioritize safety by addressing these three critical pool ownership concerns.

Pool Barriers: With approximately 30 children lost to drowning in Arizona each year, adhering to swimming pool barrier laws is paramount. These regulations, mandated by the State of Arizona and its local jurisdictions, emphasize the need for secure fencing around pools to prevent unauthorized access.  Fence or wall height of 5 feet.  Gate specifications opening outward from pool with self-closing latching, understanding these laws is crucial for every pool owner. When considering a property with a pool, consult your real estate agent for insights into pool barrier regulations.

Pool Chemical Storage: Owning a pool entails both luxury and responsibility, especially concerning chemical storage. Improperly stored pool chemicals can lead to hazardous reactions, as illustrated by a local incident where a minor tear in a bag of shock led to a fire upon contact with weed killer. To ensure safety, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Follow chemical label instructions meticulously.
  • Store chemicals in their original packaging or suitable containers.
  • Keep chemicals in a cool, well-ventilated, and dry area, away from other substances.
  • Store chemicals separately and away from potential fire hazards like grills, gasoline, and lawnmowers.
  • Use separate measuring instruments for different chemicals.

For more detailed guidance, visit epa.gov.

Adequate Homeowners Insurance: Hosting family and friends for poolside gatherings is a cherished summer tradition. However, it's crucial to verify that your homeowner’s insurance provides sufficient coverage in case of accidents or injuries. Reach out to your insurance provider to assess your current policy and consider adding an umbrella policy to bolster your coverage limits. Once you've ensured adequate protection, dive into summer fun with peace of mind!

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