5 Easy Houseplants for the Desert Home

Dori Wittrig May 5, 2021

You have probably heard about studies that show the health benefits of keeping houseplants in your home. With all we have been through for the last fifteen months and counting, we could all use some of these benefits. Lower blood pressure, improve well-being, lower levels of anxiety, purify the air, and reduce the risk of dementia by as much as one-third.
Before you complain that you have a black thumb, we have some suggestions for selecting great houseplants for your Arizona home and tips on how to keep them happy.

Snake Plant

These are just about the toughest plants out there and can handle some neglect. They are well-known for filtering toxins from the air. Since they do best away from direct sunlight, they are a great choice for the darker corners of your home. They only need water every 2-6 weeks and prefer their soil to dry out before getting a drink.


If you want a visually striking plant, dracaena is a great choice. They also do not want direct sunlight, so use them in an area that needs a little happiness. They can even live in a partially shaded patio area. They can handle a bit of neglect and do not like soggy soil. They do have a picky issue about fluoride, so use filtered water instead.


These plants are the easiest for anyone to grow. While love nutrient rich soil, they will keep on living in poorer conditions. They tolerate low light which makes them great for bathrooms and offices. Once the top of the soil has dried out, give it a drink. It would also appreciate some fertilizer every three months.

Spider Plant

If this plant gets well-drained soil and bright, indirect light, it will be happy. It will tolerate a lot of abuse and just keep living. It looks great sitting somewhere in a pot or hanging as it will send out runners with new spider plants.

ZZ Plant

Formally known as Zamioculcas Zamiifolis, this plant has beautiful dark green leaves with a waxy surface. Since they are drought tolerant and do not mind low light, they are easy for most people to grow. They grow slowly, eventually reaching 2-3 feet in height. Only give it a drink after the soil becomes completely dry and fertilize monthly. All parts of the plant are poisonous, se keep away from pets and children.

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