A Recap of 2022 Saint Patrick's Day Festivities

Dori Wittrig March 19, 2023

Saint Patrick’s Day is always a big event in Fountain Hills. Most years, it’s a weeklong celebration, with the Irish Fountain Fest taking place the Saturday before Saint Patrick’s Day, with the world-famous fountain turning green both that Saturday and Saint Patrick’s Day proper.
This year, the Irish Fountain Fest took place on Saturday, March 12th. It was a huge celebration with thousands of people gathering for food, beer, games, and Celtic music.
As the premier sponsors of the event, the Sonoran Lifestyle Team had a set of three tents with frisbees, cornhole, water, a trivia contest, and a photo backdrop.
As the clock struck noon, the fountain turned green as always. There was a slight delay due to a breeze appearing out of nowhere, but soon enough the pillar of green water towered high into the sky.
The music was great, the food was amazing, and the weather was just about perfect for spending time outdoors. We had a great time reuniting with friends and clients from years past and meeting new people to enjoy the day with.
But for us, the festivities weren’t over yet.
On Thursday, March 17th, we opened up our office for our annual Irish Coffee tradition. Starting at 9 AM and leading up to the third greening of the Fountain at 12 PM, we served homemade Irish Coffee to whoever decided to come to pay us a visit.
There, the winners of our Irish Trivia Quiz from the Irish Fountain Fest arrived to claim their prizes. This year’s winners were Larry and George, pictured below.
We’re so glad that we got to spend these two days with some awesome people at one of the biggest events of the year in Fountain Hills. We’ll see you next year to do it all over again!

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