April 2021 Market Report

Dori Wittrig April 20, 2021

A “Normal Market” is a distant memory, but lately, we’re seeing some signs that COVID mania might be calming just a bit. That isn’t to say that we aren’t still seeing multiple offers on all price ranges of properties. There are still folks who are seeking homes and have a hard time finding them, a phenomenon that is occurring across the country.
At this writing, inventory is climbing just a wee bit, and price increases seem to be calming. Yet, the market is still at only about 25% of its normal inventory of homes, so things will continue to be tight.
Homebuilders are starting to make strides toward providing new inventory, as well. Unfortunately, those new homes are generally in the price range of $700,00 plus, yet each new home that is made available takes the pressure off somewhere in the food chain.
If you’re thinking of buying, you still have a significant opportunity for future appreciation. As we discussed last month, the warning signs of over-building and over-leveraging present in 2008 are nowhere to be seen in this current market. And, if it’s time to cash in and sell, there’s never been a better time to call us.
If you wonder about finding your next home, let’s figure that out as well! We have strategies to help you go from one home to the next, and the experience to guide you through these uncertain times. Give us a call at 480-837-1331.

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