Bring the Desert Indoors!

Dori Wittrig May 9, 2022

The Sonoran Desert has a magical quality that draws millions of people to live in it. The lack of snow and humidity beckons some to come, and the crystal-clear night sky calls to others. But whatever your reason for living in the desert, you can bring its essence indoors to make your home feel seamless with the outdoors.


Your floor is one of the largest visual spaces in your home. Whether you choose wood or wood plank tile, bringing in a wooden look instantly brings in the warm feelings of nature.


If you have lived in the desert for any length of time, you have noticed that the desert has a unique smell when it rains. That is the smell of oils released from creosote bushes, also known as chaparral. If you love the smell, bring some inside. Place a sprig of it in your shower and let the steam release the scent that smells like rain.


Copper is one of the “5 C’s of Arizona” and an important part of our state’s early economy. Add some touches of metal throughout your home with decorative copper bowls, vases, and candlesticks.


Another of the “5 C’s of Arizona” is cotton. Pima cotton is considered one of the finest kinds of cotton in the world and was perfected with the help of the Pima tribe of Arizona. Today, it is Arizona’s leading export. We produce enough cotton to make one pair of jeans for every American man, woman, and child each year! Bring some cotton into your home with some luxurious Pima cotton sheets and towels.


Give your home the look of the Southwest by choosing small cactus and beautiful succulents for your houseplants. Continue the desert look with copper or pottery plant pots. Finish the look with a few macramé hangers to give it the modern desert vibe.


You may not be able to see the stars from inside your home, but you can set up a small telescope on your patio or balcony to take advantage of the desert’s beautiful night skies. This is especially true if you live outside of the metro areas, or in a Dark Sky Community like Fountain Hills.


If you have taken day trips around the state, find some of your favorite photos and frame them. Create a fun gallery wall or have your best work printed on canvas.


Bring some warmth to your tile floors with beautiful Southwestern or Moroccan-inspired rugs. A well-chosen rug can be the linchpin that ties it all together for a finished look.

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