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December Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Dori Wittrig November 24, 2023

December in Arizona brings amazing weather we all embrace versus the harsh winter weather in other parts of the country. Yet Fountain Hills does experience cooler temperatures during the winter months. As we prepare to embrace the beauty of the season, it's best to prepare our homes for the chillier weather and occasional rain. Ensuring your home is winter-ready not only keeps it cozy but also protects it from potential damage. Let's explore the checklist for maintaining your home's comfort and safety during the winter season in Fountain Hills.

1. HVAC System

  • Schedule a professional inspection of the heating system to ensure it's working efficiently.
  • Replace air filters and consider a programmable thermostat for energy savings.
  • Check the propane tank level and schedule filling if needed.

2. Plumbing

  • Insulate pipes to prevent freezing during colder nights we do experience night below-freezing temperatures here in Fountain Hills
  • Check for leaks or drips in faucets and repair any issues.

3. Exterior Maintenance

  • Winterize your outdoor mister system to prevent damage.
  •  Inspect the exterior of the home for cracks or gaps where cold air might enter.
  • Trim trees and bushes to prevent damage from winter winds.

4. Exterior maintenance

  • Check for drafts around doors and windows, and apply weather stripping or caulking as needed.
  • Check for any damage or leaks in the roof.

5. Landscape and Irrigation

  • Adjust irrigation schedules to account for lower water needs during winter.
  • Protect sensitive plants from frost and cold temperatures.

6. Safety Checks

  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, replacing batteries if needed.
  • Ensure fire extinguishers are accessible and in good condition and not expired.

Taking the time to prepare your home for the season ensures that you can enjoy this time without worrying about potential issues. By following this checklist, you're safeguarding your home against the challenges that cooler weather may bring, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of winter in Fountain Hills, AZ. Here's to a cozy, safe, and delightful winter season in your beautifully maintained home.

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