Does Your Home Work for Remote Work?

Dori Wittrig October 5, 2021

A year ago, most people probably thought that remote work was just going to be some passing fad that would go away soon enough. Well, here we are in the present, and it seems like working from home is here to stay. Many people have already started creating spaces for themselves within their homes that are designed specifically for work. Some have even decided to get new homes large enough to fit a dedicated workspace.

The Future of Work and Homes

It’s becoming quite obvious that home workspaces are going to be becoming more and more common as time goes on. A study by Upwork of 1,000 hiring managers found that due to the pandemic, companies are planning more remote work for now and for years to come. According to them, “by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be remote, an increase of 16.8 million people from pre-pandemic rates.” The chart below shows the Upwork data with a prediction of what jobs will look like five years from now.
Lots of people are also going to be working a hybrid schedule, where they go to work in-person on some days but stay remote other days. This may also be a justification to go out there and get a new home. Maybe a house that’s a little further away from work. The drive may be longer, but you’ll be doing less driving in general. Not only that, but a house further away from work will likely get you more space for work and leisure. If your work is in Phoenix and has gone remote, this could be a great opportunity to move further out.
If it’s clear to you that your job is going to be online, now may be the perfect time to move to the home of your dreams, one that offers the space you need to get work done. This could be a great opportunity to make one of the best decisions in your life.

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