Fountain Hills Car Culture

Dori Wittrig January 11, 2021

For over 100 years, owning a car meant freedom, and a driver’s license was a passport to the open road. But for car enthusiasts, it means so much more. There is an emotional element, a sense of identity. It is Ford versus Chevy, a customized ride, and expressing yourself through an awesome piece of machinery.
Fountain Hills is a dream for car enthusiasts. Every Sunday from October through May, customers of Phil’s Filling Station bring out their cool rides. Cruzin’ at Phil’s is a great way to tickle your senses while browsing the older cars and meeting the owners who restored them. Grab a meal and enjoy the nostalgic décor of a 50s Coca-Cola themed diner on one side and a sports bar with beer signs and team logos on the other. Get more information at
If you own a special interest auto, including antique, classic, or racing, you can join the Fountain Hills Auto Club. This active group gets together for social events, attends rallies, gives local presentations about old cars, and participates in the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade. Learn more about them on their Facebook page.
Fountain Hills’ biggest car show, Concours in the Hills, was started by resident Peter Volny in 2014. It has grown to feature over a thousand ultra-high-performance vehicles and luxury and classic cars from imported and domestic manufacturers. Guest dignitaries from the world of racing make appearances at this free event. For more information, visit
The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction hosts its Golden Anniversary event at WestWorld this year, but has been postponed to March 24-28. Named “America’s No. 1 Attraction for Car Lovers”, no other company in the world puts on a collector car auction like Barrett-Jackson. Regarded as a barometer of the collector car industry, the auctions have evolved over the years into world-class automotive lifestyle events where thousands of the world’s most sought-after, unique, and valuable automobiles cross the block in front of a global audience, both in-person and on live national and international television. Learn more at

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