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Good Early Morning Hikes in Town

Dori Wittrig June 3, 2022

During the summer months, hiking in the middle of the day is strenuous and often dangerous. Luckily, our summer mornings are beautiful, and you can go on some great hikes in Fountain Hills before the sunlight gets too direct.

Lake Overlook Trail

The view from the top of the lake Overlook Trail
As the name might suggest, the Lake Overlook Trail is a quick hike that overlooks the Fountain Lake and the whole of Fountain Hills to the west. You can see the Superstitions, Four Peaks, the Mazatzals, and more in their full glory to the east. Reaching the top of the hill at sunrise will give you some of the best views Fountain Hills can offer.
Click here to locate the trail.

Promenade Trail

The view from the rim of the Promenade Trail
The Promenade Trail is just one of the many larger trails that begins at the Adero Canyon Trailhead. A quick hike along the Promenade Trail is only about 2 miles if you turn back before the more difficult section that makes up the “Western Loop Trail” begins.
Click here to locate the trail.

Fountain Hills Botanical Garden

The view from the entrance to the Botanical Garden Trail
The Fountain Hills Botanical Garden is a short set of small loops along the south side of the Emerald Wash in the middle of town. The views are beautiful, and the wash is full of stunning specimens of desert wildlife, all labeled with their common and scientific names for educational purposes.
Click here to locate the trail.
Of course, there are dozens of great hikes around town. These three are just some of the quickest you can get done in the morning before the summer heat takes hold, all while getting the best views around.

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