Protect your Home from Wildfires

Dori Wittrig July 6, 2023

Wildfire season has begun here in the Fountain Hills Area. We consider ourselves fortunate to reside in a remarkably picturesque portion of the Sonoran desert, with our town enveloped by its beauty. What further adds to the distinctiveness of our Fountain Hills are the natural foothills and washes that meander through its landscape.
During the summer months, these stunning natural desert areas, as well as invasive plants, can undergo drying, transforming into potential fuel for wildfires. However, we have the ability to take proactive measures in safeguarding our homes when faced with such wildfires.
Being fire-ready in Arizona is crucial to protect your home and property during the summer months. Here are some tips to help you keep your home and property safe:
Create a defensible space: Clear vegetation and combustible materials at least 30 feet around your home. This creates a buffer zone that can help prevent fire from spreading to your property.
  1. Maintain your landscaping: Regularly trim trees and shrubs, removing dead branches and keeping them well-spaced. Avoid planting highly flammable plants near your home.
  2. Clear gutters and roofs: Remove leaves, needles, and other debris from your gutters, as they can ignite easily. Keep your roof clear of dead leaves and branches that could catch fire from wind-blown embers.
  3. Use fire-resistant materials: When building or renovating your home, choose fire-resistant materials for your roof, walls, and decks. Class A fire-rated roofing materials, stucco, and non-combustible siding are good choices.
  4. Install spark arresters: Fit spark arresters on chimneys, stovepipes, and vents to prevent sparks from escaping and igniting nearby vegetation.
  5. Maintain a water supply: Ensure you have an adequate water source, such as a well-maintained swimming pool, pond, or water storage tank. Keep a garden hose long enough to reach all areas of your property.
  6. Create an emergency evacuation plan: Develop a plan with your family that includes designated meeting points, evacuation routes, and a communication strategy. Practice the plan regularly.
  7. Prepare an emergency kit: Assemble an emergency kit with essentials such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit. Keep it easily accessible in case of evacuation.
  8. Stay informed: Monitor local news and weather updates, especially during high fire danger periods. Sign up for emergency alerts and follow the guidance of local authorities. Click Here to sign up for the Fountain Hills code red notification.
Bush Wildfire 2020
Remember, prevention is key. By taking proactive measures to mitigate wildfire risks and staying vigilant during fire-prone periods, you can significantly reduce the threat to your home and property.

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