Shading Your Home In Arizona

Dori Wittrig February 15, 2023

When the full heat of summer arrives, there is nothing like a lovely shade tree to cut the sun’s rays and provide a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze.
No matter how the weathervane swings in the valley of the sun, there is always one constant. Sooner or later, without fail, the thermometer will top 110 degrees F. Whether we like it or not, summer heat, and the cooling bills of summer, are constants of life in the desert.
SRP is offering their customers a Shade Tree Program which can help them save on their electricity costs while enhancing the aesthetics of their homes. Customers can receive up to two free desert-adapted trees that will grow to shade their homes and help save cooling costs after attending an SRP Shade Tree workshop.
The workshops also give attendees a plethora of information about tree care, species that are accessible, and water and energy saving.
The Shade Tree Program is an excellent opportunity for SRP customers to save energy and beautify their homes, which helps the Valley continue to thrive.


Online Webinar February 18th, 2023

If you are interested in participating in the SRP Shade Tree Program Click Here for all the details.
Get up to two free desert-adapted trees and enjoy the wealth of benefits.
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