Spring Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts

Local Events Beth Kohoutek January 23, 2024

Immerse Yourself in Art and Culture at the Annual Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts

The Annual Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts Shows is an extraordinary gathering of gifted artists and accomplished craftspeople from around the world. This juried art event showcases the top artisans and artists, fostering healthy competition that brings out the best in talent. Attendees are treated to a display of unique, one-of-a-kind works of art on the Avenue of the Fountains in beautiful Fountain Hills.

Held just outside the doors of The Sonoran Lifestyle Team office at 16824 E Avenue of the Fountains, this event is a must-visit. Stop by, say hello, enjoy a refreshing bottle of water, and recharge for more shopping amid the artistic brilliance.

Now in its 50th year, the Annual Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts is a three-day extravaganza featuring approximately 500 international artists and craftspeople working in all media. The sheer enormity of skill on display is staggering, offering a variety of outstanding work in various media that is truly astounding.

Drawing more than 150,000 people to the Fountain Festival, this event has become one of the most significant and respected gatherings for local artists in the southwest. The intersection of Avenue of the Fountains and Saguaro Boulevard transforms into a massive food court, offering delights such as kettle corn, fry bread, funnel cake, and a cordoned-off beer tent with music for those 21 and older.

Explore the wonderful neighborhood restaurants on the Avenue of the Fountains. For early risers, Georgie's serves breakfast, while Sofrita offers a delightful patio for lunch and margaritas. Sushi enthusiasts can head to OKA, a favorite among the Sonoran Lifestyle Team.

This year's Art Fair kicks off on Friday, February 23th, and will continue through Saturday and Sunday, February 25th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, come rain or shine. Immerse yourself in a weekend of artistic wonders at the Annual Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts! #FountainFestival #FineArts #Crafts #ArtisticWonders


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