Tips to Get Organized In the New Year

Dori Wittrig December 28, 2022

Organize In Small Doses

Don’t try to reorganize your entire home in one day. We suggest picking one section of the house and focusing on that. Taking a break from decluttering will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Toss What You Don’t Use

When it comes to clothes in your closet, “if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss (or donate) it.” Similarly, you could apply this rule to other clutter on your counters or in your cabinets. All those nail polish bottles that you haven’t opened in a couple of years? Bye.

Use Square Or Rectangular Products Over Round Product

To maximize storage space, choose square or rectangular organizing products instead of round ones. When you place round organizers next to each other, you lose the space where the organizer curve. This adds up, so get the most out of your space by sticking with square or rectangular bins, baskets, and containers.

Have a Donation Bag Ready

Keep a ready-to-fill donation box or bag handy in a closet or garage. When you try on clothes that no longer fit or flatter or items begin to fill up your cabinets, drop them in the donation bag. Don’t put them back in the closet or cabinet to sit there longer. Do a little purging as you come across things, have a designated place to put the unwanted items, take the bag or box to donation when it is full, and repeat all year long. Local charities will pick- up donations from your home. Sun Shine Children’s Home accepts home goods and clothing and can be easily scheduled online.

Sort ahead of time when moving

If you’re planning to move and feel you have too much stuff, then you can start sorting your belongings now to save time and money. Although you’ll spend some time upfront sorting out the excess (tools, clothing, kitchenware, linens, knick-knacks). You’ll not only save money on moving supplies and relocation costs, but you’ll save even more time with less packing and unpacking. Start with the kitchen and open cabinets and drawers to pull out utensils, pots, pans, mixing bowls, and small appliances that haven’t been used, and set the items aside for a donation – especially large or heavy items. Remember to start small and focus on one room or a drawer at a time and you’ll be organized in no time this New Year!

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