What’s Being Constructed at Fountain Park?

Fountian Hills Beth Kohoutek May 29, 2024

What’s Being Constructed at Fountain Park?

Have you taken a stroll around the Fountain and wonder what is happening? Where are the Presidents statues?  Exciting changes are coming to Fountain Park! Starting in the Spring 2024, the Fountain Hills Sanitary District (District) has begun building a new structure that will make the park even better.

New Ramada for Comfort and Water Recycling

A new ramada will be built to provide shade and comfort for visitors. This isn't just any ramada—it will also help the park recycle water.  The District manages three Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) wells at Fountain Park, in which reclaimed water is stored underground in the aquifer when supplies are high (during winter) and recovered during times of higher demand (during summer). These wells and their control systems were constructed and placed into service in 2001. The District is in charge of collecting and reusing wastewater to keep our parks and golf courses green.

How It Works

The park has three wells that store reclaimed water underground during the winter when there's plenty of it. This water is then used during the hot summer months when it's needed the most. These wells have been in place since 2001 and are getting an upgrade.

Recent Improvements

In 2019, the District upgraded two of the wells by building above-ground control rooms. These rooms replaced old underground vaults and included public restrooms.

What’s Happening Next?

The third well is next in line for an upgrade. The new control room will include a large ramada at the south end of the park along Saguaro Boulevard. This area will have a relocated sidewalk for better access, and the “Mount Rushmor” statues will be moved to improve the overall experience.

Construction Timeline

Construction is expected to finish by the end of October 2024. Just in time for our favorite events at the Fountain. During this time, there might be some temporary closures of the bike lane and sidewalks. Work will happen mostly on weekdays, with some possible Saturday work.

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