Bring Some Luxury to Your Backyard Pool

Dori Wittrig May 2, 2022

What comes to your mind when you think of poolside luxury? Giant, fluffy towels? A pina colada with an umbrella standing on the pineapple wedge? Swaying in a hammock in the shade while you doze off?
Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, watching episodes of HGTV, and visiting resorts and spas can leave us wondering how we can inject some luxury into our own backyard pool area.
If it’s time to up your game with your poolside space, consider giving some attention to these features:


Take nighttime swimming and pool parties to a new level by switching your underwater light to one that allows you to change colors. Include other ambient lightings such as lighting along the edges of the pool deck and overhead strands of hanging lights. These soft touches of light go a long way to creating a spa-like feel in the evening hours.


Adding a fire feature can double as a piece of art if you can find something with great eye appeal. Gone are the days of stockpiling wood and smelling like a campfire after an evening in the backyard. Today’s gas fire features are as easy as a flip of the switch and add a dramatic flair.


The Arizona sun is harsh, so shade is a must when enjoying the pool area by day. Place umbrellas in your seating areas and strategically place a large one to shade a section of the pool. While we all need some sunshine on our skin for good health, it’s important to protect it while hanging out at the pool.


Create several seating areas with a variety of options around the pool. Along with comfortable lounge chairs with small side tables for drinks, consider adding a hammock. Nothing says “relaxation” like a hammock! A porch swing is a lovely way to stay in the shade while swaying yourself into a relaxing doze. A backyard daybed with a great shade will scream “Luxury!” in any backyard.


Whether your backyard has an abundance of trees and plants or not, a collection of oversized potted plants around the pool and patio area adds a cozy, tropical flair. Mix it up with a combination of annuals and perennials for year-round eye appeal. Tuck in small solar lights for a dramatic effect at night.


Everyone loves the soothing sound of water. You can go big by adding a water feature to the pool itself, like a waterfall. For a more budget-friendly option, tuck a water feature in among your potted plants and add a birdbath for the neighborhood birds.


Arizona summers can be scorchers. Although the pool goes a long way in keeping you cool, misters can do much to increase your comfort for longer outdoor enjoyment and entertaining. Misters can lower the temperatures in a space by as much as 30 degrees!


If you have a lot of guests during pool season, you might consider creating a changing cabana. This can be as simple as ordering a fabric cabana online. Or go bigger by transforming an unused shed or even building a pool house!
When you increase the luxury around your own backyard pool, you just might opt for a Staycation to enjoy your own little paradise.

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