Embracing Winter Wonders: Adding Color to Your Landscape!

Landscape Beth Kohoutek January 9, 2024

Embracing Winter Wonders: Adding Color to Your Landscape!

Winter can pose a challenge for homeowners in our area. While our cold temperatures aren't as harsh as in many other parts of the country, they can still hinder most ornamental plants from blooming their best. As fall and spring bloomers take a break, our winter landscapes often lack vibrant colors. But fear not!

Despite the shorter list of winter-blooming plants, especially for those in high desert regions, there's a secret to a lively garden: plants with colorful leaves, intriguing shapes, and diverse textures. By mixing some of the plants showcased below, you'll transform your garden or landscape into a winter wonderland! (Note: bloom periods mentioned cater to mild winters in low deserts.)

  1. Aloes: These succulents from South Africa offer vibrant winter and early spring colors. They vary in size and shape, with yellow, orange, or red tubular flowers that hummingbirds love. They thrive in filtered shade under desert trees and might struggle below 25º F.

  1. Bulbine: Another South African native, this small succulent grows in clumps with bright green leaves. It blooms with tall yellow or orange flowers in winter and early spring, doing well in both full sun and filtered shade. It can handle temperatures down to at least 15º F.

  1. Indigo Bush: An Arizona native, this shrub loves full sun and can handle heat. It has silver foliage contrasting with violet flowers in winter and early spring. It's quite sensitive to over-watering, needing well-drained soil and is cold hardy down to 5º F.

  1. Black Dalea: Blooming in late fall with bright purple flowers, this evergreen shrub grows into a rounded mound with grey-green foliage. Like the Indigo Bush, it thrives in full sun and heat. Bees love it during the blooming season.

  1. Valentine Emu Bush: Blooming from January to March with stunning red tubular flowers, this shrub maintains deep green foliage the rest of the year. It grows to around 4 feet tall by 5 feet wide, needing full sun and cold hardy to the mid-20s F.

  1. Angelita Daisy: Offering year-round color, this perennial slows down in winter but still brings sunny yellow flowers. It forms a clump with bright green leaves and should be planted in clusters for the best effect. Thriving in full sun, it's cold hardy down to 0° F. Remember not to over-water and trim back spent flowers for new blooms.


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