Preventing Mosquitoes in Fountain Hills

Dori Wittrig May 12, 2023

With all the rain we had this winter and spring, now is the time to remember that mosquitos can be a nuisance and a serious health risk, even during the dry months in the desert. Now is the time to be preventing mosquitoes in Fountain Hills for the coming months.
Everyone is responsible for eliminating and preventing mosquito breeding on their property. Mosquitoes lay eggs on or near water because larvae need water to survive. You can remove standing water to reduce mosquito larvae before becoming adult flying mosquitoes. Once a week, items that hold water like tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpot saucers, and trash containers should be emptied and scrubbed, turned over, covered, or thrown away.
Property owners or tenants are responsible for maintaining swimming pools. To report a green pool, contact your local code enforcement here if a pool is not being maintained in your neighborhood.
In Fountain Hills, the County determines a control plan that may include ground-fogging troublesome areas with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered larvicides and insecticides. The County will post a calendar notice of their spraying schedule at You can also find the locations of traps set up by Vector Control in Fountain Hills.
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