Javelinas and the Great Pumpkin Predicament

Dori Wittrig October 12, 2023

As we transition into the fall season, many of us are eager to decorate our homes with festive touches, including the classic pumpkin display. While pumpkins can add a charming autumnal vibe to your yard, it’s essential to be aware of the potential visitors they might attract, especially if you’re living in our beautiful Sonoran Desert here in Fountain Hills.
One local challenge that residents face is the presence of javelinas, known for their curiosity and love for certain types of vegetation, including pumpkins. These native desert dwellers may find your pumpkin display quite enticing, leading to unexpected visits to your yard.
Here are a few reasons why you might want to think twice before putting out pumpkins if you want to avoid javelina encounters:

1. Javelinas Love Pumpkins

Javelinas are naturally drawn to the scent and taste of pumpkins. These curious creatures might mistake your decorative pumpkins for a tasty treat, leading them to explore your yard more frequently.

2. Potential Damage to Your Decor

Javelinas are known for their strong jaws and tusks, which they use for rooting and foraging. Unfortunately, this means that your carefully arranged pumpkin display might become a target for their playful yet destructive behavior.

3. Safety Concerns

While javelinas are generally non-aggressive, they can become defensive if they feel cornered or threatened. Encounters with these animals can pose safety risks, especially if you have small children or pets in the vicinity.

Tips for a Javelina-Friendly Yard

If you’re determined to maintain your pumpkin display without attracting javelinas, consider these tips:
  • Elevate your pumpkins on raised surfaces 4-5 ft to make them less accessible.
  • Placing pumpkins indoors each evening before dark.
  • Apply a javelina deterrent spray to your pumpkins.
  • Consider using artificial pumpkins for decoration to avoid attracting wildlife.
As we embrace the fall season, it’s important to strike a balance between enjoying festive decorations and respecting the local wildlife. By being mindful of the potential attraction of pumpkins to javelinas, you can ensure a peaceful and undisturbed yard during this beautiful time of the year.
Wishing you a wonderful and javelina-friendly fall season!

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